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T-shaped connector

 As a member of SICAME Group, SICAME Electrical Equipment (Nantong) Co., LTD. has received consecutive investment and technical support from its headquarter. Taking the SICAME corporate value for over 60 years, SICAME Nantong with strong designing capability and advanced manufacturing technology


Keywords: High-voltage transmission network  | Medium and low voltage distribution network | Underground power distribution and street lighting network



The Sicame T-body connectors are suitable for the indoor or outdoor applications and can be used for all polymeric cabletypes(XLPE.ETP,etc.)with copper or aluminum conductors and wire our tape screen.The design is suitable for the harshoff-shore and wind farmenvironment, where long runs and large cable sizes and needed so that they can be connected toapparatus such as transformers, switchgera, and other equipment.

They can be used for 17,5kV,24kV,36kV &42kV applications.

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